Wedding Wisdom: Raised Table Centres

The Challenge: 

Our Bride had a vision for a low table centre arrangement that wrapped around the Lazy Susans at her Hindu ceremony and our Florist came up with an idea to bring this to life. Not too long after this we realised that the Florist’s arrangement required a clearance of at least 12cm under the Lazy Susan.

Possible Solutions: 

Mr SW naturally saw this an opportunity to build something! We explored several build options and a number of purchasing options for at least a week. Ideally we were after a wooden base to raise the Lazy’s but it was working out to be quite pricey.

What Actually Happened: 

Some log slices dropped into our laps. It was a fantastic solution and better still they weren’t going to break the bank! Now we needed 17 of these and when we saw that 9 of them were 12 house bricks tall…I must admit I was sceptical about whether a banqueting table would support these bad boys.

Log Slicing2

Tower of Logs2

So we had one mocked up:

Log Mock-Up2

And so it was settled – actual log slice would be used to raise the Lazy Susan’s, which worked beautifully in the end. For the final look, head over to our Videos page and watch “A Tamil Hindu Wedding Inspired by Nature”.

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