Week 2 of Wedding Tip Wednesday's - a series of short videos covering key elements of your wedding planning journey.

This week we're talking about another topic that was requested by a real Bride: Theming & Decor. It's a topic that we've found consumes much of the conversation during a consultation. After all many Bride's have had ideas about this since they were young or indeed since the first wedding they ever attended. Not only that, there will be things on a Bride's mind that they absolutely don't want - we've all been there...you know to a wedding where you can't help but look around and think "now there's something I will not be doing at my wedding". That said the theming and decor is absolutely based on personal taste, so there's no right and wrong about it.

Have a watch and let us know what you think.

Ps. I was trying very hard to remember all the things I wanted to include in this video and apparently that made me come across very seriously! Whoops! 🙂 I promise that will be sorted next time.

Until next Wednesday...

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